Industrial Labelling


Accidents happen. In any workplace all around the world, thousands of people suffer injuries from a wide variety of machines in all industries each year to unforeseen hazards. Sometimes it can come down to bad luck or bad judgement however often the case is, that significant warnings or safety signage was not in place to prevent it. Warning signs can help people safely avert danger, while other advisories can help them minimize damage if things do go wrong. As you will see we believe our safety signage can save lives and we are doing all we can to prove this to you.

Sectors we supply

  • Energy
  • Electrical
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Automation
  • Aviation
  • Viticulture¬†
  • Agriculture
  • Food processing

Materials available


Labelling manufactured from aluminium with an anodised surface is functional, good-looking and ultra-durable, providing scratch-resistance and assured readability over many decades, no matter how extreme the weather conditions. Our signs are also spray and chemical resistant which makes them one of the toughest labelling solutions in the industry. We design and manufacture to your exact specifications, and stock a large range of colours, providing a signage solution that is highly visible and easy to read.


For when practicality is key, our laminated plastic signage makes sure that information that needs to be seen; is seen. These are perfect for warning signs and instructions, and are a very cost-effective solution. Our high grade engraving material, including reflective and luminescent plastics, is scratch-resistant and extremely UV stable. Reverse engraved plastics are anti-graffiti, therefore signage and labels can be cleaned quickly and effortlessly and work well in the most demanding industrial environments.


Manufactured using marine-grade Stainless Steel, our Stainless Steel signage will not warp or defect but will perform for decade after decade, with that stylish sheen stainless is known for. Our Stainless Steel products are laser cut and etched for ultimate precision.

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