Our Crew

Hamish Larsen – Managing Director

Hamish is the creator and promoter of the Aura vision, with past experience in management and business development.


Ayden Hamilton – Sales Manager

Ayden is a driver of the Aura vision, who is passionate towards helping the community become a more safe and accessible place. Very competitive in nature, he is always striving to be the best in anything he does.


Terrence Deck – Experience Manager

Terrence is our experience in the team, while having the tendency to like the old traditional ways he is becoming more and more excited about the new, and with 50+ years of invaluable expertise we cannot do without him. He has built this business from the ground up with much toil and hard work, and is looking forward to see it grow and expand into the future.

Brodie Hamilton – Project Manager

Brodie is our integral part of operations, taking orders through manufacturing to completion, with great attention to detail and quality.

Karen Ivory – Number cruncher

Karen Ivory is the friendly face of the business, and often she will be the first Aura voice you will hear. Whether its crunching the numbers, helping our clients or keeping the place running smoothly, she has it covered.

When her mind is not in business mode she loves visiting her family and friends in Australia.

Ian – Design Wizard

Role: Design and production

Ian breathes creativity, she loves a challenge and is always pushing the boundaries in design. He is a helpful hand in many areas inside Aura, and brings a valuable skillset to the team.

Bom – Laser Artist

Role: Operations

Bom is great for getting things done, just throw anything at him and he will do it, who often is doing the jobs no one wants to do. Great to have around!

Ivan – Laser Artist

Ian is a great asset to the team, with an impressive work ethic and a great sense of humor. Happy with a beer and a good laugh.

Deidre Garton – Engraver